We do things differently. Here’s how.

We aren’t an average buying group...

We are a collective of Australia’s finest jewellery retailers, and we do things differently.  We empower independent retailers to engage in the most unique and innovative ways to bring you the most up to date expertise and assistance where it counts.

The IJC vision is to create an unparalleled level of one on one support, a true partnership, ensuring independents stay relevant to the upcoming generations of jewellery buyers. By re-educating, rejuvenating and elevating jewellers and supply partners on a new journey of modern retailing, aligning them with vital business health checkups, recommended proven strategies and critical best practice initiatives. 

The retail world is ever-changing and being innovative is a necessity. It takes raw ideas and a great team to stay ahead of the game. Our brilliant team brings to life original ideas that keep our partners ahead of their competitors.

We have a simple business model that rewards our partners every time they utilise our exclusive ‘Ezi-Billing’ network, of preferred suppliers, to receive maximum trade discounts.  We provide you points for every dollar you spend to access our exclusive partner rewards program ‘IJC Vault’ of services.  The IJC Vault allows partners access to all the essentials needed to thrive in today’s modern jewellery landscape.

Uniquely you, no two businesses are alike. We support, encourage and assist our partners through the identity, transformation and change necessary for growth.

When you join the Independent Collective you are part of a much larger community. You are joining our family and network of like-minded jewellers and supply partners, ready to share, learn, grow, and form lifelong relationships. With this level of connectivity, we as an industry are capable of accomplishing things that were never before thought possible.

The Independent Jewellers Collective are independent retail specialists. Trust in our expertise, so you can focus on yours.

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