VERO Branding

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Do you need to introduce Lab Grown Diamonds into your business without compromising your mined diamond sales?    
Introducing our exclusive Lab Grown Diamond range… VERO.
Developed in partnership with Ron Kiven from Blue Star Kiven Diamonds. 
VERO the meaining: True, Real, Genuine.

The 5th C - Choice.  Sustainable, Responsible, True.  True Brilliance.

This beautiful hand selected lab grown diamond private collection is available now exclusively to our IJC Retail Partners.

 Why VERO? The Benefits

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors, selling Lab Grown Diamonds with a higher margin, allowing you to ‘have your cake and eat it too’.
  • In partnership with one of Australia’s top Jewellery Manufacturers and Diamond Experts.
  • Hand selected stones, no open inclusions or shadows, no strong black inclusions.
  • Brighter diamonds – always graded up not down.
  • Most diamonds certified rounds are Ex Ex Ex.
  • All fancies checked and calibrated for fire.
  • Compete instore point of sale marketing support.
  • Suite of life like renders and videos available of every style for stores websites and social media.
  • Staff sales training notes.
  • Gain access to a plethora of stock inventory through Blue Star Kiven Diamonds.
  • Private collection of best selling hand selected initial core jewellery with new styles arriving every 6 months.
  • Complete flexibility in product style selection on ordering – choose the styles you want to carry!
  • Future access to a VERO brand / information page and collection on IJC Websites (Available once stores have migrated to Shopify 2.0).


Marketing messaging:

  • You now have a choice – The 5th
  • You can buy a beautiful diamond without having to disrupt our environment.
  • VERO Lab Grown has the same hardness as any diamond regardless of it’s origin.
  • The hardest mineral known to man.
  • Affordability and sustainability.
  • They will stand the test of time.
  • Have pride in handing a beautiful diamond to future generations.


  • Image usage rights per store of all branding, imagery, renders, videos for website, social media and EDMs
  • 1 x A3 Merchandising Backing Card
  • 4 x A4 Counter Cards – Backing Card, Educational Cards, Visual Branding Cards
  • 4 x A5 Counter Cards – Educational Cards, Visual Branding Cards
  • 4 x A6 Counter Cards – Visual Branding Cards
  • Delivery to store

*By placing this order online, you agree to abide by the VERO Lab Grown Diamonds Branding Usage Licence.